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SEO - Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are two related, but rather different fields. SEO is the practice of making your website more appealing to the search engines so that it ranks higher in ORGANIC SEARCH results. SEM is paying to promote your website to the search engines so that it appears in the ‘Ad’ section of the results. When searching SEO companies Kelowna, or anywhere, make sure you understand this difference 1st.


1. Make sure your website is MOBILE FRIENDLY (click here to take Google’s Free test)
2. Don’t use large pop ups on your website
3. Make sure you have keyword rich content, without overusing keywords
4. BLOG regularly. Articles should be 500-750 words.
5. Stay active on Social Media

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SEO is a multi-pronged approach that includes improving the performance of your website, making it more mobile friendly, and working on the content and the incoming links as well. If you want your site to perform well, all of these things need to be on-point.

It requires steady and sustained marketing to ensure the best possible response. If search engines think you’re spamming or buying up links from sites instead of earning them, you will be penalized for your efforts. It takes time for the search engines to notice your promotion efforts and respond to them.


What Is SEM?


SEM, is bidding for clicks (cost per click), and you will get an instant payback for the money you spend. However, when you stop paying for it, the traffic stops as well, so this is not the best long-term strategy. SEM can be a great kickstart for your marketing, while SEO will build your organic ranking to generate top placement on Google over a longer period of time.

SEM gets you visits from people who searched for a highly specific keyword or phrase, while SEO will get you the ‘longer tail’ of visitors browsing for subjects that are a little more loosely related to your website. The important thing to remember is that those long tail visitors often have fairly strong purchase intent – especially if your site is full of useful and informative content relating to your niche.

It’s fairly easy to convert a visitor that is already searching for a specific product or service when you rank high on their search. The higher you rank organically, the more reputable you appear.

Managing SEM campaigns are time consuming and sometimes quite expensive to get the results you might be looking for. SEO is also time consuming but the long-term benefits far out weigh short term tactics.

We have compiled a team with people who specialize in their specific fields and we can guarantee your satisfaction with our SEO specialists!

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