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Social Media Management


With over 2 BILLION people using social media, this is simply not something any business wants to ignore. And, by being here, you’re only one step away from working with one of the best digital marketing & communication firms in North America. We cater to business owners, entrepreneurs and managers all over the country.

Start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Do you know which social media platform your ‘ideal customer’ is hanging out on?
  • Are you a writer and/or designer that understands how to best communicate on social platforms?
  • Do you understand what your ideal customer wants to see from you?
  • Are you practicing a holistic digital marketing strategy?
  • Can you dedicate the time it takes to maintain your social media & digital marketing?

If you said “no” to more than one question … you’re in the right place!

Social media has changed the way we do business and the way we market our business. It may seem simple but there is real strategy and time involved in making it actually work for you. We have studied, and continue to study, with social media experts around the world so we can stay on top of trends and changes to most effectively assist our elite clients with their digital marketing.

The Social Media Management Process:

We help businesses with their daily social media management – affordably.  We follow our signature holistic digital marketing philosophy in our own social media as well as our clients.

All of our Social Media Packages include:

  • Real-time content/image planning scheduler that includes a DMP (Digital Marketing Plan) & even a Digital Marketing Budget section
  • Custom image manipulation and/or graphic design
  • Keyword rich content
  • Mgmt. of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and/or G+
  • The use of an SMM tool such as Hootsuite
  • Timely dissemination of content to platforms for optimal reach
  • Online planning & strategy meetings
  • No monthly commitment

We just had a lady here saying that she is loving the Facebook posts.  She asked if we had someone doing our social media.  I said … definitely.   You are rocking this … thank you.


Owner, Pure Joy Naturals

Lexabi has done a great job for Swagman, for our social media. Their skills have kept us on-time and current with our postings and email newsletters. I recommend these guys to any small business looking to create a consistent branding message across multiple social media platforms.

Dave Michael

Sales Manager, Swagman Racks

Lexabi makes our social media work for us with great content, imagery and even contest ideas that drive new likes. We get customers into the restaurant largely because of our social media presence which we know wouldn’t happen without professional maintenance. They have also guided us and helped us make decisions about our digital marketing that has saved us money and helped us make some wise decisions. Lastly, we love the website and print stuff they’ve designed… we’ve been able to rely on Lexabi Communications for all of our marketing needs!


Owner, Hector's Casa

What are you waiting for?

If you’re just starting out and you need some consistency on a small budget – we can accommodate that. If you’re growing and you need professionals to manage your social presence the most effectively – you’ve come to the right place! CLICK HERE to contact us now.


This package is a great way to start building your social presence – it includes Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ and/or Twitter.

  • Write/edit & post relevant content 3x/week
  • 30 minute monthly planning meeting
  • only $289/month

Need us to manage your Pinterest or Instagram? We can do that too, but you’ll have to talk with us so we can tell you how much.

Managaing Social Media


Our most popular package for the business that is serious about a social presence and making the most of engagement, customer service and brand awareness (includes Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ and/or Twitter)!

  • Write/edit & post relevant content 5x/week
  • Monthly cover image redesign
  • Post boost twice/month
  • 30 minute monthly planning/strategizing meeting
  • Monthly metric report
  • only $399/month

Need us to manage your Pinterest or Instagram? We can do that too, but you’ll have to talk with us so we can tell you how much.


You’re serious about your social presence and you want to integrate more functionality to your social media, incorporate an email marketing plan and be a leader in your industry – THIS IS FOR YOU!

  • Write/edit & post relevant content more than 5x/week
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and G+
  • Social Media/Digital Marketing Budget
  • Digital Marketing Plan (DMP)
  • Monthly cover image redesign
  • Logging into accounts to proactively engage/connect/follow
  • 60 minute monthly planning/strategy meeting
  • Monthly metric reports
  • Managing multiple advertising campaigns (A/B split testing)

CLICK HERE to auto-schedule a complimentary 30 minute discussion about where you are, and where you want to go with your social media marketing.

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